#18 Halo-Halo dessert from Philippines

In summer time one definitely would think of icy desserts! In Malaysia, we have our all-times favourite icy desserts or snacks such as Ais kacang and Cendol.

In Philippine, there is a very popular dessert during the hot summer time from March to June. It is Halo-Halo!

Halo-halo means “mix”. This is indeed a very interesting and practical name as the dessert is basically a mixture of sweet stuff!


The ingredients usually include sweet preserved beans such as red beans, kidney beans or chickpeas, coconut meat (macapuno), jackfruit, berries, sweet yam, sweetened plantains (similar to banana), sweet potato, nata de coco, cheese, pounded dried rice (pinipig), coconut milk filled with crushed fine ice and topped with ice cream!


The whole idea of the dessert is to mix all the ingredients in the crushed ice and eat it!


It is pretty much like the Ais kacang in Malaysia however Halo-halo looks more attractive as it has a variety of ingredients in a mix.


Halo-halo is a sweet and creamy dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, then this dessert is definitely worth trying when you visit Philippine on your next trip!

You can also make your own version of Halo-halo at home by mixing around different sweet ingredients. Have fun and enjoy! 🙂

(p/s: Thanks and photos take from http://www.fairfaxinnrestaurant.com/halo-halo/; http://www.pittsburghmagazine.com/Best-of-the-Burgh-Blogs/Brazen-Kitchen/August-2013/Heavenly-Asian-Style-Peaches-and-Cream/; http://blog.lucida-photography.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/philippines-42.jpg)

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